Solar Trackers, Big and Small

April 11th, 2009

Solar Trackers or suntrackers are a cheap solution to boosting performance of existing fixed panels. Trackers permanently keep panels in full, direct sunlight, boosting performance upto +50% in summer and +35% in winter.

Trackers can be single or twin axis and either follow the sun via a photo-cell, liquid or by timer.
At’s premises a Lorentz Etatrack1500 was installed.

With its 15 x 125Wp Kyocera KC series panels (15m2) it has a considerable size, is robust and economic.

We have compared 2 similar installations; only a rough 20 Kms away in a straight line.
Our installation in Ronda (Málaga) with 15 “tracking” panels against 16 “fixed” panels in Yunquera (malaga).
Comparisons were made using the proper Outback MX60’s 64 day history.
Checking one particular day in the month of april that neither of the two systems had been absorbing nor floating (so full power had been fed into the batteries all day long) the following results came up:

Yunquera 16 x 125Wp FIXED panels: Outback MX60 read: 11,8 Kw
Our own installation in Ronda, with 15 TRACKING panels (please note, 1 less): Outback MX60: 17,9Kw.

(Sunny, cloudless day)

You don’t have to be a wizard to see the difference…

Currently our system has new panels, and is currently equipped with 12 x Sanyo HIT 230Wp monocrystalline panels and is currently kicking out around 25 Kw/day For slightly smaller installations the Etatrack 1000 Activ (10m2) and the Feina SF9 biaxial de 9m2 , are available. Also we have the smaller Etatrack 400 Activ (4m2) and Suntracer+ de 2m2.

Recently Etatrack 2000 (20m2) and Feina SF20 have been added.

Solar Charge Controllers

April 11th, 2009

The main function of a solar charge controller: adjust the power (amps) going into the battery to a correct value, normally the maximum the battery will accept, without overcharging, but charging it in the shortest possible time.

This is an essential part of the solar system, and should be carefully elected.
Different brands and types can be acquired, with different charge states, adjustable and non adjustable bulk, absortion and float voltages, with/and/or without automatic equalization modes, displays, temperature compensated models or Mppt controllers.

We do just about all of them and we will happily advise you on which one would suit you most

Dc to AC Inverters & Inverter Chargers

April 11th, 2009

Solar Inverters (also named converters) are electronic devices that change the DC current from the batteries into AC current (Vac), 220V, as you have in any traditional house plug.

There are 3 types available:

SQUARE wave: Cheapest and worse quality. OK for normal lightning but very bad for electronics. Hardly sold any more.

MODIFIED sinewave: This is the “cheaper” type of inverter and is normally cheaper. Its slightly less indicated for delicate appliances. They are present just about everywhere.
We distribute Xantrex, Waeco, Hr-Electronics and Conversion Devices as our main brands.

PURE Sinewave: These inverters give us the same quality of electrics that you’d receive from the mains. The waveform is perfect. Victron Energy (Phoenix), Xantrex (SW), Conversion Devices and ICO-GE are the main brands we commercialize.

Both types of inverters have interesting versions as the combis or multis/multiplusses.

These are Inverter and Battery charger in one, normally equipped with an internal transfer switch, letting them change from one function to the other without any interruption. Available both in Pure and ModSine.

victron phoenix

cd 1500

Ico-GE Windturbines

February 23rd, 2009

WindTurbines distributes these incredibly powerfull, low torque windturbines under the name of, and are directly imported to Europe by us.

These high performance three-bladed tubines are very reliable, silent and attractive having the best price ever compaired to all its similars. Behavior is extremely good and give a very high output, being very indicated for areas with strong and destructive winds, with an ultrasilent operation.

The efficiency is very high on all 450W 12/24Vdc, 750W 12/24Vdc, 1Kw 24/48Vdc and 2Kw 48Vdc models currently being distributed.

The Ico-GE Windturbines are direct-driven, permament magnet turbines and have been designed to withstand the most adverse weather conditions on rooftops and terrestrial zones and resist upto 50-60 m/s winds.

The main caracteristics are the computer designed blades following NASA and Clark standards, as its powerful 3-phase permanent high quality magnet alternator.

Delivered with an external Hybrid Wind/Solar controller with integrated stop switch and digital retro-illuminated display (450 & 750)  is showing you system performance at a glance at all times.

Many years of trouble free operation come as a standard package.

Spares and accesories are in permanent stock.

About Solar

February 23rd, 2009

Generador-Electrico definately goes for the alternative source.

With Solar its all just about pro’s:

  • No more pollution nor side effects than during its manufacturing.
  • No fossile fuel burning.
  • Over 20 year lifetime.
  • Resists extreme climatic situations as hail, extreme winds and humidity
  • No noise.
  • Not always mechanical parts involved; no maintenace.
  • Expandable: More power can be added on to the existing installation in the future.

Main Applications:
Remote areas where no electricity can be taken to or is just not feasible.
Combined with a windturbine or an alternative backup (bio)diesel/gas generator, electric needs can be completely solved.

  • Remotely situated houses; lights, TV, telephone repeaters, communiations, waterpumps, and a long etcetera.
  • Outside illumination
  • Beacons and Road signs.
  • Electric fences for cattle.
  • Nautical, mobile homes. is really going for alternative energies.
Our own premises run fully on alternatives.
Both house, office and main warehouse run on self produced energy; the Windeco Vento 5000 and Bornay Inclin 3000 winturbines, Lorentz Etatrack 1500 single-axis tracker with 1875Wp of Kyocera KC125 panels, (proximately going to be changed for 12x Sanyo HIT 230Wp pannels) 2 parallel connected Victron Multiplus 48/3000/35 inverter/chargers and a Xantrex SW4845, all hooked upto 24 12OPzS1500 2Vdc Hoppecke cells, backed up with a (hardly ever running) automatic, signal-started silent Ayerbe Ruggerinni/Linz 10Kva diesel generator, fed directly with homemade biodiesel, and an (unused) gridtie.

With a bit of money and alternative energy almost anything can be done…